I spent some time over the holiday working on my website. I've completely rebuilt it into GatsbyJS, used TailwindCSS for styling and hosted it on Netlify. I've also ported all my content over but not comments. Still need to add pagination and some more content, but would love feedback.

@Railto Have you considered using Webmentions? I'm thinking of revamping my website and getting rid of comments to replace with Webmentions. wrote a blog post recently about them: also wrote about them last year:

@ramsey tbh hadn't heard about them till now, will have a look into it and see, cheers

@Railto Let me know how it goes, if you decide to implement it. I've been thinking of switching from Jekyll to Hugo (Go) or Jigsaw (PHP/Laravel), and I'd love to ditch Disqus, with a nice transition path to Webmentions. (Understanding fully that I might actually have to build this tool and open source it for others. :smile:)

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