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Look at these nightmarish build instructions. How horrifying.

And yet… I'll try them. At some point.

I think my problem with Stripe's documentation seeming so contradictory with multiple ways to do the same "this should be simple" thing is that I'm actually looking at documentation for several different versions of their PHP library, all intermingled. But it's hard to tell.

On Stripe's very large and somewhat incomprehensible API pages, they've hijacked Command-F (and presumably the non-Mac equivalents) to show whatever the hell this is rather than using my browser's normal "find on page" function (though fortunately I've found hitting Command-F again lets me use it).

Whoever came up with this will burn in the deepest pit of web design hell. Who the hell would want this? It's really hard to fathom a more unwanted feature that isn't an outright virus or something.

I guess this will help save time for recruiters who won't hire cis white men. Now if only AngelList will allow job seekers to filter out jobs not available to cis white men, my time will be saved too.

The tech industry in Current Year, everyone!

@reykjalin I tried submitting a patch for your PHPCS Nova extension via `git send-email` since I guess that's what you have to do with Sourcehut. I've never done that before - hopefully it got to you. Please let me know here or via email if something screwed up.

Really, Composer is written in , and it does everything. If you're a PHP dev and you're going to write a tool to be used by other PHP devs, why would you ever use a tool other than PHP?

Symfony's routes are defined in YAML files, and its CLI tool is written in Go.

Okay, moving right along.

Was trying to start a new project with the Slim framework, but even while trying to follow the directions as closely as practical, I just kept getting undecipherable error messages. Maybe they would have made sense to people already more familiar with the new world PSR-X stuff, but at some point I want to stop learning without doing, you know?

Think I'll try Composer next, though I was hoping to do something more intentionally lightweight. Or maybe just go frameworkless after all.

I've resorted to making a list of the URLs I have associated with this project in a Notes note to open up later in ungrouped tabs. Notes synching never fails.

So goddamn frustrating. I'm even swearing.

I take that back. Things resynched wrong again and I lost my new tab group.

For fuck's sake, Safari devs, do you even dogfood?

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Had issues creating a new tab group in Safari - I'd create it, and then Safari would seemingly resynch things to a state where the group didn't exist. Eventually I quit and restarted Safari just to find all of the "Untitled" tab groups I had just tried to create. And of course the other tab groups were not synchronized to what I had open when quitting. God damn it, this would be a great feature if it actually worked like a human would expect it would work.

"There's really no middle ground"

submitted by miraequestrian07

So has anyone figured out how Safari synchs its tab groups yet? Or, more specifically, why it so often fails to do so?

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