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The Seychelles apparently has not updated the design of their main government portal since 2004 or so.

They've even got the three squares arranged in a triangle for pseudo-bullets! How nostalgic.

If you shoplift a $500 gift card, but it's one of those cards that needs to be activated before it's valid and your shoplifted card was never activated, and you get busted and arrested, is the value of what you shoplifted $500, or just the few cents of the plastic card itself? Has this ever been decided in court?

So you use a PSR-4 implementation to instantiate a PSR-17 factory to create PSR-7 implementations to integrate with PSR-15 implementations, but you can also use them for PSR-18 implementations.

PHP standards have a naming problem.

Holy shit, SiriusXM. Boundaries.

Alternative snarky message: How to Get Your "Unsubscribe" Link Clicked And Possibly Your Marketing Messages Flagged As Spam (2021, Colorized)

(I actually clicked "unsubscribe" earlier today, before the two most recent messages came.)

GitHub sends me an email notification when someone replies to an issue in a project. However, I do not get a notification when someone edits a reply.

This is especially a problem when "ok, everything's fine, thanks" becomes "no wait everything's broken plz fix immediately."

This is a slight exaggeration of a repeated communication problem I've been having with one of my clients…

Please use edits for clarification or fixing typos. Please use new replies for entirely new or changed information.

Look. I don't like how the whole Freenode/Libera split went down, and I held out hope that Freenode would survive in one way or other after the split.

But aside from the channels becoming graveyards, Lee doing things like proclaiming Freenode to be "digital territory of the Joseon Empire" and "Replace Services Authentication with Fiat, Decentralized Blockchain Based Authentication" (whatever the hell that means) does the opposite of inspire confidence in the future.

There is nothing more humbling in the life of a developer than having to review code they wrote more than 6 months ago.

I've been revisiting this article often over the last couple weeks or so, trying to decide if something like this is the route I want to take for a new project.

I've decided (and on Libera has backed me up) that a library for DI doesn't serve any apparent purpose. But please try to convince me if you think otherwise.

In the end this is probably a case of analysis paralysis and I should just start coding already.

Once again, it took months to arrive, but I was expecting that. But now that it's here, the fancy lighting on the keyboard doesn't work at all; only the keypad lights up. Not a dealbreaker since I don't need lighting anyway - I just turn the lighting off on the keypad and now they both match. The keyboard itself has been great so far. But given both shipping delays and quality control issues, I don't think I'll be buying from X-Bows again or recommending it to others. A shame.

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…but eventually I got used to it and I now find it awkward to go back to the "normal" layout on my laptop.

I was revisiting their site a while back and saw they had a new model called the Knight Plus, which adds a much-missed keypad and has a more native Mac layout - it's been a very long time since I've used a keyboard with a properly-labeled "Delete" key and with the keypad buttons in the right place ("right" being what I used to code with on that old Performa 631CD). So I bought in.

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I'm not a huge nerd, but I did try the X-Bows Nature a few months ago. It took something like three months between when I placed my order and when I received the keyboard, and when I got it, some of the keys didn't work. Fortunately, I got a replacement quick enough. The lighting was fun to play with sometimes, but I mostly ignored it. It took a while to get used to the orthogonal layout (the keys are in straight columns instead of having each row be slightly offset form the others)…

"But being able to pass a modifiable query as a parameter to methods without it having to regex and concat strings and such!"

Okay, good point on that one. I don't really have an answer for a case where we might want to let some code hook into a query to add a JOIN or something - query builders are good for that sort of thing.

That's not enough to get me to embrace them with open arms, though. I'd still much rather just directly write SQL queries for my own code.

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"But easy switching of back-end DBMSes!"

Come on, we all know the percentage of sites that have changed/will change their DBMS without changing significant other parts of their framework is 0.00%, after rounding.

"But unopinionated developer-facing tools!"

Good response, but I'm wondering if just having a "default" DBMS with a class with queries targeting it which can then be subclassed to target other DBMSes with method overrides for queries that need to be rewritten isn't a better approach.

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I've decided I really dislike query builders. For trivial queries, there's no benefit, and any time you need to do anything marginally non-trivial, like a JOIN, you're bound to end up with code more illegible than a flat SQL query. For really neckbeardy stuff like windows, the query builder probably doesn't support it at all, in which case you're either back to writing a query string anyway or breaking the query to several different queries and/or fetching too much data and massaging it in code.

I seem to have spotted a bug in Safari. After changing a page's `<title>` and reloading the page, the tab "holds on" to the old page title and doesn't seem to update to the new title. This caused me to waste at least five minutes of time trying to figure out why my code changes weren't being reflected in the browser before I thought to check the source.

Did you know the ellipsis, or "three dots," is its own typographic character? On macOS, type it by pressing Option-; (semicolon), though some programs will automatically swap three periods for an ellipsis for you. On iOS, long press on the period and swipe to select the ellipsis when it appears.

Typing it this way, besides being typographically correct, ensures you'll never type two, four, or more dots when you're trying to use an ellipsis.

Pedantic Punctuation Gang approves of this message.

This is tragic and hilarious. I stumbled over which was written in 2015.

"Here’s an article on GigaOm from 2012 titled "The Growing Epidemic of Page Bloat". It warns that the average web page is over a megabyte in size.

The article itself is 1.8 megabytes long.
If present trends continue, there is the real chance that articles warning about page bloat could exceed 5 megabytes in size by 2020."

That article on GigaOm is now 10.8MB. I doubt the text has been edited

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