Both the Sirius XM iOS app and web-based player have been entirely non-functional since football season started, greatly reducing the value proposition of the service. I'd say it's just me, but it seems strange for *both* platforms to be broken. But has so much time passed without either being fixed yet, even when I can hear advertisements for the iOS app when listening in my car? Is it working for anyone else?

@256 Wonder how that worked. I doubt it was doing whole-disk encryption with the fingerprint as the key or something like that. Maybe it just unlocked the USB interface?

@kev Why inline things like CSS and your logo image which will be repeated on each page? Maybe you've maximized request speed for a single page, but subsequent page request responses will be larger than they need to be since clients will be re-downloading stuff they could have just retrieved from their cache. Is there a reason for that?

Congratulations to Cowardflare and the Twitter mob for teaching a bunch of nerds who just want to shitpost about fat people how to use Tor, where the *true* vilest, scummiest content on the internet can be found.

You've turned on the light and made the cockroaches scatter, but the dark places is where they breed anyway.

You've also made it harder for law enforcement to track all these crimes they're supposedly always committing. Good job.

I shall post Nike's most unflattering recent photo for because imperfection is the true state of the human (and feline) condition.

Quick JavaScript quiz: What is the result of `["a", "b", "c"].join()`?

I appreciate JavaScript for taking the heat off of PHP for being the town drunk of programming languages. (Of course, the massive improvements PHP has made in the last decade have helped as well.)

Does the mental illness make the software developer, or does the software developer make the mental illness?

I'm going to go out and take nine pictures of different Wendy's restaurants at dusk from different angles and then I'm going to post them online and say "Hey guys, I just made this amazing new AI-powered image generator! Here are the images it created when I told it to generate images of Wendy's at dusk! Ask me something else for it to generate!" And then when someone responds I'll go out and take nine photos of whatever they asked for and post those and be like "Wow, I'm an AI expert!"

Surprising (IMO) PHP behavior:

`array_unshift($array, 'foo'); array_unshift($array, 'bar');` does not cause the same result as `array_unshift($array, 'foo', 'bar');`.

@256 I had one of those for GBA. It was basically useless.

Just woke up from a nightmare. In it, I built a website with a newsletter popup. Gotta take a shower now and cleanse myself of that filth

@samgai Numbers is Apple's own spreadsheet app which has both macOS and iOS releases. I haven't used it on iOS, but the macOS release is very functional and pleasant to use, so the iOS version would be worth a try at least. And it's free on both platforms.

@dgoosens @Crell Apologies for only reading about the first half of the article, but at least in terms of PHP and not historical legacy/other langs, why is null considered harmful? I feel like I missed that. Is there objection to the idea of a function not returning a value?

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