So has anyone figured out how Safari synchs its tab groups yet? Or, more specifically, why it so often fails to do so?

👍 Focused, realistic requirements
👍 "Work-life balance" (hopefully they mean it…)
👍 Explanation of company basics, who they/their clients are
🚩 Ad for back-end position demands I know front-end things like React
🚩 Programming language shotgunning (eg, "At least 5 years of experience in PHP, JavaScript, Python, Ruby…")
🚩 Spelling and grammar errors
🚩 Interview process requires more than two meetings/meeting with more than a handful of people
🚩 Web dev agencies with horrible web sites

"But gotta say, I'm bigger than those baddies. B)"

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"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur."
-- Red Adaire

To paraphrase, cheap will cost you more than expensive.

@dragonmantank The "container culture" wave was completely lost on me. I have no idea how to use Docker or similar tools. I don't think my career is suffering for it, at least not yet.

I grepped /usr/share/dict/words to cheat at Wordle and didn't even feel bad about it.

@thomasfuchs I don't think I want the instrumentation of my car to be obscured with flying toasters while I'm driving.

I will go out of my way to avoid any car which doesn't have normal "mechanical" instrumentation. Having it all be a screen is just too obvious of a single point of failure for me.

@calevans Job listings for PHP developers which require I have extensive knowledge in this week's trendy front-end frameworks are a pet peeve of mine.

I can understand that some small companies need a full-stacker (as was the case for my current largest client), but in those cases they need to be less choosy about what they're going to be forcing us to work with.

The number of people who apparently want to go back to `<?php requre "everything.php";` is incredibly disturbing.

Tell me you didn't test your app on smaller-screened phones without telling me you didn't test your app on smaller-screened phones.

Oh, right. Panic's Nova, the Coda follow-up, has a fricking yearly subscription. I had forgotten.

But I do use this tool to make a living, and there really is no alternative macOS-native code editor with the same level of quality. Not even close.

God damn it.

Okay, bill my card, assholes.

I'm finally starting to seriously experiment with , which I think all non-gamedev devs secretly want to do.

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And I can write in my favorite editor (Nova) and even wrote a Nova extension to do interactive code validation:

And the LuaJIT compiler that LÖVE uses is damn fast. Almost fast enough to make the non-compiled aspect of it irrelevant. It's all so… pleasant.

It's going to be a while until if/when I actually release a game, especially if, God willing, I get more work, but for now…

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