I shall post Nike's most unflattering recent photo for because imperfection is the true state of the human (and feline) condition.

Why it's a terrible idea to use flags or country names on your language selector, #88,248,324. Seriously, explain this to me.

Apparently, if you're a customer in China, they want you to use the English site rather than the Traditional Chinese site. But that's okay, because clicking on "English" next to the Chinese flag takes you to a page in simplified Chinese anyway.

liqui-moly.com/en/pt/ (yep, that's the URL)

When they do this shit where they cover up the article with a pop-up, enabling reader mode will sometimes let you see the whole article. It didn't work in this case, though - the article was truncated.

…by JS, but the full article is still in the HTML.

If you're going to do this anti-user shit on your news site, at least have the sense to crop the article server-side. It's a lost cause, though. I have never responded to a content-hiding pop-up like this and I never will.

On Stripe's very large and somewhat incomprehensible API pages, they've hijacked Command-F (and presumably the non-Mac equivalents) to show whatever the hell this is rather than using my browser's normal "find on page" function (though fortunately I've found hitting Command-F again lets me use it).

Whoever came up with this will burn in the deepest pit of web design hell. Who the hell would want this? It's really hard to fathom a more unwanted feature that isn't an outright virus or something.

I guess this will help save time for recruiters who won't hire cis white men. Now if only AngelList will allow job seekers to filter out jobs not available to cis white men, my time will be saved too.

The tech industry in Current Year, everyone!

Tell me you didn't test your app on smaller-screened phones without telling me you didn't test your app on smaller-screened phones.

Oh, right. Panic's Nova, the Coda follow-up, has a fricking yearly subscription. I had forgotten.

But I do use this tool to make a living, and there really is no alternative macOS-native code editor with the same level of quality. Not even close.

God damn it.

Okay, bill my card, assholes.

I wonder how amazon.co.jp is doing i18n such that *parts* of a sentence can be untranslated.

Most of the time, DDG is amazing. Great. An indispensable tool.

But sometimes… bless its heart.


The Seychelles apparently has not updated the design of their main government portal since 2004 or so.

They've even got the three squares arranged in a triangle for pseudo-bullets! How nostalgic.

Holy shit, SiriusXM. Boundaries.

Alternative snarky message: How to Get Your "Unsubscribe" Link Clicked And Possibly Your Marketing Messages Flagged As Spam (2021, Colorized)

(I actually clicked "unsubscribe" earlier today, before the two most recent messages came.)

I seem to have spotted a bug in Safari. After changing a page's `<title>` and reloading the page, the tab "holds on" to the old page title and doesn't seem to update to the new title. This caused me to waste at least five minutes of time trying to figure out why my code changes weren't being reflected in the browser before I thought to check the source.

AngelList and Craigslist:

- Both end with "list"
- Both occasionally have decent freelance opportunities (looking for some more work, btw)
- Both have peaceful favicons

While cleaning my room back at my parents’ place, I came across the booklet which first taught me HTML and the book which first taught me PHP.

For whatever it's worth, I took a back-end web developer test at AngelList and scored in the 90th-100th percentile. That's… pretty ego-stroking.

Why take this test? Because I'm looking for more client work! If you might have need for a highly-experienced back-end or full-stack web developer who also sometimes does well on multiple-choice tests, please feel free to reach out. Let's talk.

SiriusXM is very eager for me to sign up for a subscription to their service, but apparently not so eager that they'll use a proper method of email address validation.

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