Here's my take on the whole "Apple scanning your photos" thing.

I see both sides of it. There's a presumption that my data in Apple's cloud is encrypted and secure and not subject to being viewed by entities (human or otherwise) on the system. On the other hand, I'm betting an unspoken story here is that government agencies worldwide want to read everything that touches Apple's servers. Pledging to fight CSEM might be a way to meet them in the middle (but if you give them an inch…)


I will say that, at least in the US, I don't think you can be convicted for possession of CSEM on a hash alone. They have to prove that you really have what they think you have. And if it comes down to it, if you have to defend yourself in court, these stories of hash collisions, if true, will help your defense if the prosecution can't cough up the actual files that you had. But IANAL.

We'll see how this goes, I guess. But I just can't get as angry as some people over it, at least not yet.

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