I'm not a huge nerd, but I did try the X-Bows Nature a few months ago. It took something like three months between when I placed my order and when I received the keyboard, and when I got it, some of the keys didn't work. Fortunately, I got a replacement quick enough. The lighting was fun to play with sometimes, but I mostly ignored it. It took a while to get used to the orthogonal layout (the keys are in straight columns instead of having each row be slightly offset form the others)…


…but eventually I got used to it and I now find it awkward to go back to the "normal" layout on my laptop.

I was revisiting their site a while back and saw they had a new model called the Knight Plus, which adds a much-missed keypad and has a more native Mac layout - it's been a very long time since I've used a keyboard with a properly-labeled "Delete" key and with the keypad buttons in the right place ("right" being what I used to code with on that old Performa 631CD). So I bought in.

Once again, it took months to arrive, but I was expecting that. But now that it's here, the fancy lighting on the keyboard doesn't work at all; only the keypad lights up. Not a dealbreaker since I don't need lighting anyway - I just turn the lighting off on the keypad and now they both match. The keyboard itself has been great so far. But given both shipping delays and quality control issues, I don't think I'll be buying from X-Bows again or recommending it to others. A shame.

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